WowWee Spyball Looks Very Promising (Video)


We’re probably the #1 fan of the WowWee Rovio mobile videocam robot, so you can easily imagine how we can hardly wait to get it’s younger brother ? the Spyball robot that WowWee unveiled at CES 2009 about a week ago. While the Spyball is smaller, and cheaper, than Rovio, it should open up some new, exciting videocam applications.

Although most reporters position the Rovio as a useful tool to check on your house pets when your away from home, we tend to use it more for business and personal communication. For example, the normal webcam is great for video conferences, but ties you to your PC. Rovio is light enough so that we can easily carry it anywhere around the building (within WiFi range), yet heavy enough to add some stability to the transmitted image. This makes it possible to have ad hoc discussions of a humanoid robot’s performance while using Rovio to transmit video of the humanoid in action. 


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