Under 1kg Humanoid Robot Competition (Video)


While the ROBO-ONE humanoids have set the standard for 2 kg, and much larger, bipedal robots, some fans just don’t have the space, resources, or budget to get actively into building robots that large.

To expand the playing field, RT Corp staged an under 1 kg. humanoid robot competition last weekend including some really interesting i-SOBOT battles. Many thanks to Iketomu for posting videos of the action.

Last summer at RoboGames 2008 one brave soul put his i-SOBOT in the rink going head to head against much larger bots, including Robonova-1’s. And, surprisingly, he managed to do well enough to win a metal. This coming summer, we’d love to see an under 1kg humanoid classification at RoboGames 2009, with lots of i-SOBOTs entered.

The final match featuring KENTA-ki vs Maruchan: 

For other videos of the competition, click here.


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