Femisapien Robot a Big Dance Hit (Video)

Femisapien robot dance

We have to admit that we were skeptical when WowWee targeted the Femisapien robot at young girls. But, after seeing what the Milford School pupils were able to accomplish with their Femisapiens, and how enthusiastic they are, we confess we were wrong (video below). WowWee’s marketing strategy for the Femisapien just might be right on target.

The Milford School students used GoRobo software from Q4 Technology to create all those great dance moves.


One thought on “Femisapien Robot a Big Dance Hit (Video)

  1. There seems to be an untapped robot market.
    I have had my biped robots at several science fairs last year. Their main sensors are ultrasonic so they can see and avoid things.
    link to davidbuckley.net
    I was surprised that the girls were more interested in interacting with the bigger two foot high robots than the boys, especially those children younger than about 8. Only about 30% of the boys would stand in front and guide a robot about, whereas about 80% of the girls spent two or three times as long playing guiding the robots about.

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