Brave Enough to Hack the i-SOBOT?


It’s kind of embarassing to admit that we actually have three i-SOBOT robots that have never been hacked. Even more embarassing ? two of them have never been out of the box. Two are the original Japanese versions, and were early enough in the production build that they probably have the ROMs that can be reburned. The other one is a US (Black) version.

There is a lot of i-SOBOT hacking information available online, including a fairly detailed English language hacking report, and a fantastic reverse engineering analysis by Ishii-san (in Japanese). The only question is whether or not we have the guts to attempt hacking one of our little buddies…


2 thoughts on “Brave Enough to Hack the i-SOBOT?

  1. I’ve started working with my iSobots to confirm Ishii-san’s findings. Indeed the servos on each limb are on a serial bus running at 2400 baud, 8-N-1. I used a Parallax Prop Plug to connect by USB to my PC running Hyperterminal. I’m now designing a pin-compatible controller replacement board that will use a Parallax Prop chip for running the 5 serial lines and various sensors and interfaces. I hope to see more iSobots at Robogames 2009 as well!
    cheers- Scott

  2. This is great, I love robotics and I have an i-SOBOT I’m going to hack to use as a semi-autonomous robot for AI research, and I have created a website on how I’m going to do it from the very beginning up until the end when I can make it walk using an MSP430. Since I love all of this open communities where you can learn, I thought about helping out also, so heres the link: link to

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