Robot Sightings: ROVIO battles Spykee, BBC Discovers Robots, FreeTrack, Vex on Woot, and more

What's going on today in my crazy robot world?

  • 20:19 We missed it entirely and found out after the fact that a Vex robot system was the pick of the day on Woot
  • 20:51 The BBC looks for the robot of the future, and finds the Stanford Stair robot fetching a stapler...
  • 21:00 The BBC gets HRP-3 demo, perhaps the world's most advanced humanoid, but things don't go as well as expected.
  • 23:05 The guys over at Trossen have a really good sense of humor... <but unfortunately they seem to have moved the funny sign post that was linked here...>
  • 09:55 Tilt your head, look left, right, & your robot can do the same. Checkout FreeTrack ( Best of all, it's FREE!
  • 10:07 Ever want to build an 84 DOF humanoid robot but couldn't find a controller? Problem solved (
  • 10:17 Robots can be very effective in teaching AI concepts. Here's one example using the SRV-1:
  • 10:43 Promo for NHK BS2 TV special on robot development in the 50 years since Atom (Astroboy) was born.
  • 10:49 Here's the Japanese link for the NHK program just mentioned:
Robotically posted for Lem by LoudTwitter 

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  1. The tinyurl link for the trossen funny sign link doesn’t seem to work, but other than that, Brilliant!

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