Robot Sightings: Homeless Robot, Widening Robot Gap, Crabfu Challenge, and more…

What's going on today in my crazy robot world?

  • 20:27 How many servos does it take to make a walking humanoid robot? How about 2...?
  • 20:40 If you're going to have robot soccer games and robot battles, you have to have cheerleaders!
  • 22:17 The Tsukuba Real World Challenge was like the Darpa Challenge only on sidewalks with real people:
  • 05:54 The "robot gap" widens and isn't expected to slow down. Notice that China and India don't make the top 10.
  • 06:42 Homeless UK robot will work for food (, or at least his animator will.
  • 08:40 Long before the Terminator or Gort, there was "Tik-Tok of Oz" (1914) and "The Clockwork Man" (1923)
  • 08:46 I-Wei needs a new challenge for Crabfu Steamworks, so we thought this 1865 creation would do the trick
  • 09:23 It's not Wall-E, but this mobile robotic arm built using 3 mm signboard and superglue comes close.
  • 10:47 What do robot loving Australian media consultants do in their spare time? They make Robot Wars videos
  • 11:10 The MarvelMind Grumbler robot ( looked really hot, but no website or blog updates in a long, long time...
  • 13:07 See the world through the other person's eyes. A simple concept, that some never learn...
  • 13:11 Thanks to the Wizard of Oz, the Tinman got his heart... but what happened next?
  • 19:36 Spykee and Rovio duke it out. ( We understand the verdict is being appealed due to cheating by one bot.
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One comment

  1. Hi,

    Referring to your:
    “The MarvelMind Grumbler robot ( looked really hot, but no website or blog updates in a long, long time…”…

    You are right. I moved to another country, and other work fully occupied me. But I have a few robots in stock. They are slightly updated as compared with the model shown on the web. Not much further development, but they are ready for a higher-level programming anyway. All basic subroutines are already there, open-sourced (assembler) and waiting for those who are interested playing with the robot programming :-)

    Best regards,

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