Robot Sightings: Dr. Robot tutorial, Sugiura is an Indian God, Jonas and the Stupid Robot, and more…

What's going on today in my crazy robot world?

  • 20:16 Tsukumo Robot Kingdom is open for business again after a breif shutdown.
  • 20:31 Indian robot builders join ROBO-ONE 14 & learn from Sugiura-san (Dynamizer): They call him "legendary" & "GOD".
  • 20:37 Dr. Robot teaches us how to build a sumo robot from hell: Definitely got to buy him a new shirt.
  • 20:59 We love Star Wars, but isn't making R2D2 into a toilet paper holder going too far?
  • 21:10 With only 256 MB this robot USB memory stick is impractical. So, why do I want one?
  • 21:22 Jonas challenges the BakaRobo (Stupid Robot) contest, and gets slapped in the process.
  • 21:29 Basquash! Yet another robot movie I'll be putting on my "must-see" list.
  • 21:45 ATR is mapping human brain patterns into visual images:
  • 21:48 Sangatsu Usagi's great report on the 29th Micromouse Competition:
  • 23:37 With auto companies in trouble, and Honda dropping F-1, will other research, like Honda's robot legs, survive?
  • 08:51 John published a good, though troubling, study on robot hobby trends ( Let's hope it's only temporary.
  • 09:05 The Vex robot system has taken off like wildfire ( What makes it so popular with schools?
  • 09:15 For robot fans that don't want to build from scratch, PicONE released a cool micromouse robot kit.
  • 10:20 Thanks to a reminder from Martin, here's one of the best robot resources around even if it doesn't have a RD link.
  • 10:25 Robert's next RoboDance version will be out next Spring and will even control the kitchen sink!
  • 12:12 The Kyosho MANOI robots aren't drawing much attention overseas, but here in Japan they are still hot stuff!
  • 12:26 RT Corp has an under-1 kg. humanoid robot competition scheduled for January 18th starting at 2:00 pm.
  • 12:49 140 year old head for a smoking robot automaton ( Pretty spooky - looks very "Stephen King" style.
  • 13:20 Daniel Ruben Rojas sent us a video of this blazingly fast line-follower robot: running at 80%
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