Robot Sightings: Onimaru Testing, Soldering Tutorial, iSOBOT Jedi Wars, Personal Hovercraft, and more…

What's going on today in my crazy robot world?

  • 11:38 Looking forward to the All Japan Robot Sumo competition next week.
  • 12:02 Setup Loudtwitter to automatically post to Robots Dreams, but won't know if it works until tomorrow morning...
  • 12:17 Watching Yamaguchi-san's latest Onimaru robot testing: It just keeps getting better and better.
  • 12:20 Remember the brooms that terrorized Mickey in Fantasia? Japan has created a real version:
  • 12:22 Dr. Robot teaches us how to solder: Got to take up a collection to buy him a new shirt. !8-D
  • 12:27 Think I'll pick up a PochiRobo kit next time I visit Tsukumo: Pretty cool robot for USD$300.
  • 12:31 Didn't Matt build one of these in his garage? If he didn't, he will now!
  • 12:37 Idani-san is experimenting with a 90,000 rpm motor. How fast will that make his micromouse go?
  • 12:42 Home Wars! Paxshikai's i-SOBOT robot uses a light saber to defend home against the Dark Side.
  • 12:47 Tsubame battles Captain PEKO at the RoboPro competition: Nice moves!
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One comment

  1. 12:31 – Well, I tried. I met this chick & figured I’d never get another shot at one this great – so the hovercraft was never completed. On a good note however, I did end up marrying that chick :-D

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