The Micromouse and the Race Car

mclaren f1

We were so impressed by the vacuum assisted performance of the Momoco8 micromouse robot that we had to check and see if the same design approach had ever been successfully applied to real life size race cars. It turns out that it had!

The McLaren F1, which held the record as the fastest street legal production car in the world from 1994 to 2005, was equipped with fans to decrease pressure under the car and increase down force and traction. From Wikipedia:

"The normal McLaren F1 features no wings to produce downforce, however the design of the underbody of the Mclaren F1 exploits ground effect to improve downforce which is increased through the use of two electric fans to further decrease the pressure under the car. A "high downforce mode" can be turned on and off by the driver." 


One thought on “The Micromouse and the Race Car

  1. You kids don’t know nuthin’

    link to

    In 1970 Chaparral introduced its most controversial car, the Chaparral 2J. This car had a separate engine to drive two fans that exhausted air from beneath the car to create suction down force.

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