New ROVIO Robot Webcam Tutorials (Video)

rovio robot navigation tutorials

We're a big fan of the WowWee ROVIO robot mobile webcam and frequently discover new uses for this innovative product. We've even started to use it as handy portable web conferencing tool since it's light enough to pick up and carry around the office to give our remote co-workers close up views of new projects.

At the same time we understand that new ROVIO owners, especially those that aren't 'geeks', might need a little guidance in setting up and using the robot. So we were very glad to see that Evolution (developer of ROVIO's Northstar navigation system) and WowWee have put together some new, and very helpful, video tutorials (see videos below).


Positioning the docking station -


Setting up the homing beacon - (particularly useful if you have ceiling beams or vaulted ceilings)


Self-docking and Homing Commands-



One thought on “New ROVIO Robot Webcam Tutorials (Video)

  1. I have a laptop with a Verizon card for internet connection. I tried using the disc that came with the rovio webcam to install rovio on my computer. It could not find the driver needed on the disc. I ried to get the driver online, it did work either. Please advise.

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