Home Robot Manufacturer Goes Direct

In one of the most unstable economic situations since the 1930's, and faced with major home electronics dealers like Circuit CIty radically slashing their brick and mortar stored, iRobot Corp has decided to take direct action. The company, which is famous for it's award winning line of domestic robots including the Roomba, Scooba, Looj, Dirt Dog, and others, opened it's first direct retail sales outlet on Friday. The new iRobot kiosk is located in the Burlington Mall (Burlington, Mass).

Initially the robot sales kiosk is intended to provide potential customers with hands-on experience, allowing them to try the domestic robots first hand, and have their questions answered by knowledgeable iRobot employees. However, we suspect that if the kiosk is successful during the holiday gift buying season, iRobot will have to give serious consideration to expanding their direct sales presence since the dwindling consumer electronics distribution channels are loosing their effectiveness as a way for manufacturers to engage new customers.

iRobot Open For Business at Burlington Mall - MarketWatch.


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