All Japan Micromouse Robot Competition 2008: Momoco8 (Video)

momoco8 micromouse robot

The most innovative and interesting micromouse robot design we saw in action last weekend had to be Momoco8, designed by Shinichi Kome. In the video below you'll notice a sound that is very similar to a tiny vacuum cleaner - which is almost exactly what it is. Momoco8 uses a ducted fan to create a vacuum that provides great traction as the robot zips around the maze at high speed.

The video includes the two Momoco8 speed runs that we were able to capture, however, the robot did turn in an even faster run clocked at 7.104 seconds to finish in 6th place for the annual competition.




One thought on “All Japan Micromouse Robot Competition 2008: Momoco8 (Video)

  1. Didn’t David Otten used similar design with one of his previous mouse?

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