All Japan Micromouse Robot Competition 2008 – Maze and Results

micromouse robot maze
  Expert Category - Final competition maze and successful paths 

David Otten, probably the most well known and dedicated micromouse competitor in the US, put together a report on the All Japan Micromouse 2008 competition last weekend. From David's report: 87 mice participated in the expert category while 102 mice participated in the separate freshman category.

Unofficial Results of the 2008 All Japan Expert Micromouse Contest*

Mouse Name Designer Country Time
MIN5 Ng Beng Kiat Singapore  6.433  
BR8 Yin Shiang Ting Singapore 6.531
Golden Mouse   Soh Yi Lang Singapore 6.707
Cool Y v3a Siew Peng Shorn  Singapore 6.928
Excel-5 William Tan Singapore 7.060
Momoco08 Shinichi Kome Japan 7.104
* Times are based on David's notes. Official results were not available at the time of posting. 


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