3rd Robot Dream Studio Exhibition in Kobe

kobe museum robot exhibit

The Kobe Science Museum has their 3rd Robot Dream Studio exhibition coming up on December 6th and 7th. Normally when we think of 'museum' and 'exhibition' the feeling is a little bit distanced and passive. Visitors look at exhibits. However, for their robot dream theme, the museum has taken a very hands-on and engaging approach. The event has four major themes.

First, "I will see the form of a dream." Visitors are invited to enjoy numerous robots at the event, and to discuss with the robots creators. Second, "I will touch the form of a dream." Many of the robots will be available for visitors to interact with, control, and play with. Third, "I will hear a robots talk." Ryota Hiura, the chief of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries mechatronics system design division will give a presentation on the "Dream and Future of the Wakamaru Robot". And, fourth, "I will make a dream into reality." A workshop where children can assemble a papercraft robot.


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