Uncanny Valley Problem is More Than Just Robots (Video)

human robot face stimulus

Many robot researchers spend a ton of time and money trying to faithfully recreate human facial expressions and emotions using servos and rubber or latex simulated skin. No matter how hard they try, then still run headlong into the 'Uncanny Valley' problem. But, why bother when your own face comes equipped with all the necessary nerves, muscles, and real live skin to do the trick?

Check out the video below to see what Daito Manabe has been able to accomplish using his own face, some electrodes, sensors, computers, and a whole lot of courage. One word of warning, don't try this one at home! 




One thought on “Uncanny Valley Problem is More Than Just Robots (Video)

  1. Nice but not very original.

    This has been done in 1996 already.
    Check here at the MIT MediaLab and Ars Electronica
    link to wearcam.org
    link to iaaa.nl

    “The IAAA Department of ArtiFacial Expression develops new forms of algorithmic performance art which employ the human body as a computer-controlled display device. Our current investigations focus on the human face. We study the mechanisms of human facial expression, and build innovative muscle-control technologies. The results of our R & D are demonstrated in video-installations and live performances.”

    No need to reinvent the wheel – just do some background research.

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