Tomy Committed to Retaining Smallest Humanoid Robot Title (Video)

tomy roboq tiny robots

Continuing in its quest to retain the title of "World's Smallest Humanoid Robot", Takara/Tomy unveiled their latest micro robot creation, the "Robo-Q". Luckily we were on hand to watch the tiny robots in action, and capture the exclusive video footage below.

While purists may argue that Robo-Q isn't really a humanoid in the true sense of the word, we found them to be rather captivating and fun to play with. They look like robots, act like robots, and are as much fun to play with as robots - so why quibble?

We will say that they are surprisingly tiny - standing roughly 1.3 inches tall. Scheduled for commercial release in Japan early next year, the company expects the robots list price to be 3,500 yen (USD$35). Needless to say, we'll have some as soon as they hit the market. !8-D




5 thoughts on “Tomy Committed to Retaining Smallest Humanoid Robot Title (Video)

  1. And the WORLDS largest controller..I have one that you wind up :(

  2. They remind me of the old wind-up toys that walked like that. You couldn’t steer those though, which appears to be the only thing you can do with these Robo-Q’s, or am I missing something?

  3. I don’t get the interest in these. There is nothing robotic about it except that they look like robots. Otherwise, a remote controlled “car”. Or, am I missing something?

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