ROVIO Hackers Rejoice!


The new WowWee ROVIO mobile webcam robot hasn't shipped in volume yet, though there are reports popping up on the net of users getting early units, and so far they are all extremely positive. Some owners have already started to hack this innovative robotic platform, and WowWee seems totally committed to supporting and promoting their efforts.

The company has already released a down-loadable detailed 44 page manual documenting the complete ROVIO API interface. Based on quick read through of the manual, we think the ROVIO should be easy to operate under program control and to interface with custom programs.

Let the games begin!


One thought on “ROVIO Hackers Rejoice!

  1. Good Start indeed. I wonder if they are going to release some info about the USB protocol.
    Sure driving it via WIFI is fine, but if for example someone wanted to hook a small pc to it via usb that could make it more autonomous.

    I guess we will have to wait until someone dissect one of them to really know how easy it will be to hack.


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