Robot Outperforms Human Counterpart (Video)

realistic robot

Researchers are getting closer and closer to creating robots that are good enough to fool observers into thinking they are real. The "uncanny valley" feeling of revulsion is still a major issue, but we can foresee a day in the not too distant future when that will be overcome. A good example is the work being done with 'Jules' (video below), an animatronic robot head developed by a team at the University of Bristol.

According to a NewScientist article, Jules uses software that captures human facial expressions of emotions, then replicates them using servos buried beneath his surprisingly realistic skin. The 'scary' thing isn't Jules himself - it's the fact that his expressions look much more life-like than the human model.




2 thoughts on “Robot Outperforms Human Counterpart (Video)

  1. Wow, that’s amazing — by far the best animatronic head I’ve seen. In fact I think it may have crossed the uncanny valley for me; if it could properly lip-sync to speech, then this would be almost a “Lt. Commander Data” level of technology, in the face quality at least.

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