RoboGames 2008: Team Robit Robot in Slow Motion (Video)


After we posted the slow motion video of Honda's ASIMO humanoid robot, we thought it would be a good idea to do the same thing for a much lower-cost, but still very high performance, biped so that our readers could get a feel for what is possible on a limited budget.

Thankfully, we took some video (video below) of Team Robit (Korea) at Team Robit last June that was perfect for our purpose. It was one of the first slow motion (300 fps) clips we took with our Casio EX-F1, but still turned out quite well. Team Robit went on to dominate the heavy weight class of ROBO-ONE type humanoid robots at RoboGames this year, and we're sure they would also do extremely well competing here whenever they have the opportunity.


One thought on “RoboGames 2008: Team Robit Robot in Slow Motion (Video)

  1. …Same as A$$imo why can’t any one developed heel to toe action I mean $%^&*() is it that hard to duck tape a heel on the stupid foot and create an arch…2.4 what bazillion dollars and someone still cannot get it right!!!!

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