Our 15 Minutes of Robot Fame

rovio robot interview on future tense 2

Andy Warhol's famous line about everyone getting "15 minutes of fame" came to mind this week when Jon Gordon, the host of Future Tense, called to talk about the new ROVIO mobile webcam robot from WowWee. Look for the 'MP3" towards the top of the Future Tense post to download the audio interview.

Of course in our case it was more like 2 minutes of fame, but we still felt very honored and lucky to be a part of Jon's popular radio program. We're regular listeners to Future Tense, via iTunes, and find it to be an excellent source for interesting and sometimes thought provoking technology news. The program, which is produced by American Public Media, is broadcast daily and is a regular feature on CBC's "As It Happens" radio program. 

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