Japanese Gamers Over the Top For Robots

super robot wars

What does it take for new game to knock Pokemon out of the top position? How about a strategy role-playing battle featuring Mobile Suit Gundam, Mazinger Z, and numerous other well-known robot anime characters?

Last week's roll-out of the new Super Robot Wars Z game here totally blew away the competition scoring sales of 366,000 copies in the first seven days it was on sale. It's closest competition, Pocket Monsters Platinum that came in with 195,000 units sold.

Namco Bandai, the company that developed Super Robot Wars Z, has been positioning itself to leverage it's huge catalog of robot characters with extremely large followings. The company has long been a key sponsor of robot events like ROBO-ONE and Micromouse. A little over two years ago, the company bought out game creator Banpresto.


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