iHobby Show – Robot Report

gort robot

Mike Overstreet, a strong humanoid builder/competitor and winner at RoboGames with his robot 'Gort', attended the iHobby 2008 show earlier this month, and was kind enough to share his event report with us (see below).


I think that the robot turn-out was very good. Eight humanoids and the other competitions had good turn outs too. I-Hobby also set records for attendance both for Saturday and Sunday.  

We had a lot of people around the robot area on both Saturday and Sunday with most seeming to be very interested in all things robotic. I was there Friday and was disappointed in the low interest Hobby shops and dealers had in robots. I hope that events like I-Hobby will get customers to ask there local hobby shops about stocking robots.  

We got to see the Farrell's new robot design. The main servos that the robot uses are the new Dynamixel EX-106. The servos are awesome. I just wish that I could afford 500 dollar servos. They were monsters and will be impossible to beat at Robogames.  

Marc from Robofactors also showed off his new robot design. It looks to have a lot of potential. It looks like he tried to combine the best points of the RoboNova-1 and KHR-2V.  

The Robobrothers added PS/2 control to the RoboPhil. The RoboPhil is becoming a huge bargain for only 500.00 dollars.  

Hitec showed off new add-ons for the Robonova-1. New hip joints so that the legs can turn. Hands but Matts are better and a Universal robot stand. Tony from Hitec told me that Hitec is working on a new robot the Robonova-2 but that it maybe a while before it comes out. I think that Hitec is feeling the pressure from Robotis? 

My robot did well. I won two metals one in Kung-fu and the other in Humanoid demonstration. I think that the event has the chance to rival Robogames. It has a great venue. Chicago is in the center of the country so it is easier and cheaper to get to then San Francisco. Chicago is also less expensive to stay at then San Francisco.  

I just hope that the new President of Chibots is as good as Royce is at promotion. Hopefully Trossen will get more involved in the event as they are located near Chicago. I can not wait until the 2nd Annual Hitec Cup in Arizona next year. Most if not all the humanoid robotic geeks from Chibotica will be. 


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