DROBO – Disk Storage Robot


Originally uploaded by Tempusmaster.

We had a totally unexpected, but predictable if we had been paying attention, hard disk crash. Luckily we automatically back up our data online in the internet 'cloud', but accessing and recovering data from the cloud can be time consuming. RAID systems seemed out of the question since we didn't want to devote endless hours to mastering obsure technical jargon.

Our solution? DROBO - a fully autonomous disk storage robot. We ordered our DROBO via Amazon and had it delivered the next day. We also picked up two 1-tera-byte SATA2 HDD's - one was a Seagate and the other was Western Digital. As long as the drives are SATA, DROBO doesn't seem to care about the maker, or the individual disk size - you can mix and match to keep your costs as low as possible. In our case, a 1-tera-byte drive was roughly USD$100.

Getting DROBO up and running was actually the most painless and enjoyable experience we've ever had with any new product. Unpack it, follow the three step setup guide to connect it and insert the drives, power it up, and do the formating. Totally trouble free. You can check photos of our experience with DROBO here.

Is it really a 'robot'? Well, we think so. It does useful work that humans don't like to do. It does it completely autonomously with almost no human intervention required. It's easy to understand via color coded LED's on the front panel, and has the meaning of the status LED's on the back of the front panel for easy access. And, get this, you can add or replace storage drives while it's running without a single hiccup.

The old saying goes, "If it walks like a duck, acts like a duck, and quacks like a duck - it's a duck." DROBO doesn't walk, and doesn't quack, but it does act like a robot, and is much better at what it does than almost all robots we've ever met. DROBO is a robot!


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