ASIMO is Truly Amazing (Photo set)

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Everytime we have the chance to watch ASIMO, Honda's incredible and extremely lifelike humanoid robot, we are really amazed. Yesterday, at Robo-Japan 2008, ASIMO was doing the same demonstration routine that we saw about six months ago, but this time the robot's fully articulated hands, the smoothness of his motions, and the fact that both of his feet are really off the ground at times during running, really caught our attention.

The ASIMO photo set we just posted is a bit 'over the top' with just barely under 300 images. That's what happens when you use a Casio Exlim EX-F1 to photograph something you're really enthusiastic about.

Of course we also have video clips we'll be posting soon....


3 thoughts on “ASIMO is Truly Amazing (Photo set)

  1. I cannot agree more, and while I didnt stay for long yesterday at the show the asimo demonstration really raised the bar well above anything else present in the area.

    At the same time it is sad to see that only one company is putting so much effort in that direction.

  2. Actually, Laurent, Toyota’s biped can run faster than Asimo, by about .9kph, so it’s not just Honda pushing the bar. Great photos, especially that you were able to catch his feet off the ground simultaneously! But I was a bit underwhelmed by the presentation, which wasn’t really any different than their demo at CES last year, which I think engadget or gizmodo has a wonderful video of.

  3. Alex, quite possible about the Toyota one.
    But where was it? I mean it is Robo Japan 2008 and Toyota doesnt even have a booth or a demo? (Unless I missed it which is higly possible since I stayed only 2h)

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