ASIMO Actually Runs

asimo run

Robot skeptics frequently make claims like "Robots like ASIMO aren't really capable of real running...". When we press them on the definition of 'real' running, they usually say that it means that both feet have to be off the ground at the same time. By that definition, and there are certainly many other definitions, ASIMO really does 'run', as you can see the photo above that we took at the Robo-Japan 2008 exhibition today.


3 thoughts on “ASIMO Actually Runs

  1. I love it when someone says something is impossible. That usually means someone just solved it and is about to publish. :)

  2. Until I see one of these critics produce anything even remotely as good as Asimo’s running gait (especially those scientists in the Western hemisphere who are pro dynamic gaits), I refuse to take their criticisms seriously. As far as I’m concerned, Asimo is ready to join human society from a mechanical point of view. They just need to work on his A.I..

  3. Robotics continue to advance!

    It doesn’t matter HOW Asimo walks, it just matters that he CAN walk!

    Function matters more than finesse. Finesse can come later.

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