12th KondoCup Robot Soccer: Cool Moves! (Video)

kondocup robot soccer

If any one still doubts the potential for humanoid robots to take on, and perhaps out-do, human players on the soccer field, they should take a close look at some of the really cool moves being executed on robot soccer fields. The video clip below, captured at the 12th KondoCup Robot Soccer competition, is just a tiny sample.

Keep in mind that these robots are designed, built, and piloted by hobbyists in their spare time and on fairly limited budgets. Most of the competitors work in technology related jobs during the day, but devote their evenings, weekends, and any other time they can squeeze in, to humanoid robotics.




2 thoughts on “12th KondoCup Robot Soccer: Cool Moves! (Video)

  1. My immeadiate first reaction is that this bot is FAST!, Secondly, it has a lower center of gravity, so it won’t topple over if it’s bumped. Also a wider foot stance. The other bots held their feet together as if they were at attention! The designer of this bot has it together!

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