Spykee Micro Goes Under The Knife


One thing you have to absolutely love about robot fans is they never hesitate to tear their new toys apart to figure out what makes them tick. A classic example is our friend and fellow robot fanatic, David Buckley.

David shelled out £20 (roughly USD$36) for the newly released Spykee Micro - a miniature version of the Spykee robot. It didn't take long before David had the robot toy dissected, photographed, and documented for posterity.

David's conclusion? Two thumbs down, unfortunately. Check out the Spykee Micro autopsy photos, and David's critique, on his robotsystems.net website.

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One comment

  1. I don’t see why you would expect a mini version of a robot to work anything like the full sized one at a fraction of the cost. At least it’s actualy remote controllable, unlike the Wowee mini toys which just roll forward.

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