Robot Dart Gun Ready for Combat (Video)

robot dart gun

POB-Technologies, an intriguing French robotics company that has quickly established a strong reputation in the robot education and hobbyist communities, has released an exciting new robotics peripheral literally "targeted" at playful robot warfare and games.

A natural for hobby level competitions like real world versions of MechWar, The new POB-Gun shoots foam tipped darts, uses a built-in servo to adjust the gun's elevation, and includes an infrared target distance sensor. The robot gun can be used with POB's robot kits, or can be easily integrated into other popular robot platforms.

If you need some 'excuse' to justify the purchase to your significant other or parents, then follow the company's advice: "The POB-Guns allows the learning of many important notion of robotics (localization, targeting, command) while building funny robots." 

Check out a simple application of the robot gun in the video below, then get to work equipping your favorite humanoid, or other robot, to go forth and do battle!



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