Liz Cranks Up the Robot Schedule for Fall


If you're lucky enough to reside in California, or happen to be visiting there over the next couple months, be sure to check out the latest exhibitions of Liz Mamorsky's creative robot and technology based art. Billed as "functional and dysfunctional art", her works are sure to delight and inspire robot fans with a taste for the unusual.

Currently Liz has three active events going. Some of her pieces will be exhibited at the "Second Hand: Creative Reuse in Times of Less" event in Richmond (Sept 22 - Nov. 7). She is staging a solo show aptly titled "Robobits" at the Future Studio Gallery in Los Angeles (Oct. 11 - Nov. 1). And, as if she wasn't already busy enough, the "Lizland Open Studio" event in San Francisco will feature her works along with four other extremely creative artists collectively referred to as "Group5" (Oct. 25-26).


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