Lego Builder Creates a Great WALL-E Clone (Video)


Bazmarc, on Youtube, posted a series of videos(see below) showing his totally cool implementation of the WALL-E robot constructed completely from stock Lego NXT Mindstorms robot system parts. Not only is the robot realistic, it also features some very emotional, and touching, eye movements.

Bazmarc's robot creation does use some third party components, like Mindsensors and HiTechnic - both Lego certified. According to comments on his build videos, the robot uses "1 NXT with rechargable pack, 3 Servo Motors, 4 PF motors, 2 IR receiver, 1 UltraSonic sensor, 1 sound sensor, 1 IRlink, 1 NXTservo module and 1 mini RC servo, 10 AA batteries and Lego from the Bulldozer #8275 and other parts from various technic sets."

Many thanks to Matt Bauer for alerting us to this great WALL-E implementation.


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