Tsukumo Robot Athletic Meet Coming Up


The annual Tsukumo Robot Athletic Meet is coming up in less than two weeks. Scheduled for August 23rd/24th at the Mansei building (8th floor). There are numerous events scheduled, including the Tsukumo tournament that pre-qualifies the winner for the next ROBO-ONE competition and hands-on training sessions with some of the robot products sold by Tsukumo.

In previous years the event was held later in the year, at a much more visible location. However, this time around Tsukumo seems to be trying to catch the attention of the large number of Japanese robot enthusiasts during the traditional Japanese summer holiday period. The Mansei building, an Akihabara landmark for decades, is easily visible from the main street in the Electronic Town area and can be recognized by the happy cow logo.

By the way, some of the webpages for the event show the 7th floor, while others show the 8th floor. We believe the 8th floor is correct, but don't worry - it will be obvious where all the robot action is once you get there.


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