Spykee Robot's Stealth Introduction

spykee robot

Going through our notes and wish-lists (did anyone say 'Santa'?), we noticed that there hasn't been much press or flurry over the Spykee robot from Erector. Conceptually, it seems very attractive and feature packed, especially with its tank like mobility which could position it well for use as a hackable robotic platform. With all it seems to have going for it, and with the holiday season right around the corner, we're wondering when the buzz about this new robot will start.

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  1. Yesterday I bought a Spykee Micro and I advise everyone to curb their urges and refrain from purchasing a Spykee Micro. It only has one motor and turns in reverse. The tracks are dummies, obviously they couldn’t get them to work. The drive is by two rear wheels just inside the tracks. One wheel has a ratchet so it can only be driven forwards. At the front is a tiny castor, limited to 90 degrees. Spykee Micro is not good value for money in fact it is not even value for money. Be warned. See teardown photos on http://www.davidbuckley.net/RS/Spykee/Spykee.htm

  2. yo spykee are GREAT I got one if you got one you are great.

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