Robot Girl in a Robot World (Video)


Our friend Robert, over at, definitely has too much time on his hands, too much talent (way more than we do), and apparently way too much disposable income to spend on his robot addiction.

Now he's put together a creative music video parody (we think it's a parody, though he may be completely serious) that features 3 (yes, three!) WowWee Femisapiens - also known as the Sega E.M.A. Kissing Robot. Check it out below.

Warning: If you're the type of person that really dislikes puns, or word play like rhyming "plastic" with "spastic", you're going to absolutely hate this music video. For the rest of us, it's a pure delight.

He's also making copies of the song's mp3 and lyrics available via his website - which we assume means that it's fair game for further parodies... !8-D


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