RoboGames 2008: Scanman and Liz – Robot Art Par Excellence (Video)


What can we say? There is absolutely no way to describe Liz Mamorsky, no way to do her unique and wonderful personality justice in mere words. The subtitle on her LiZLAND website offers "Functional & Dysfunctional Art", which is a good enough start, we suppose. But, Liz is much, much more than just an artist. She literally bubbles with enthusiasm, energy, and insight.

And, robot fans beware - Liz has recently discovered robotics, thrown caution to the wind, and is diving in with both feet. Her 'Scanman' static artbot took home the Bronze Metal in its classification at RoboGames 2008, which is quite an accomplishment considering it was her first introduction to robotics and she had absolutely no idea what to expect.

We had the opportunity to chat with Liz (video below), and bask in her rays of boundless energy, last month at Fort Mason. Be sure to drop by her website and offer some encouragement to this new recruit to our robot community. We can hardly wait for the next time we link up with her, or get the opportunity to visit her gallery in San Francisco.


One thought on “RoboGames 2008: Scanman and Liz – Robot Art Par Excellence (Video)

  1. Lem – You are the best – thanks a million for the wonderful video interview and for welcoming me into the fold! Good questions…Long answers…Great fun! – Liz

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