ROBO-ONE Space: Attitude Competition (Video)


The ROBO-ONE organization has quite a few initiatives in addition to the biannual major competitions. They vary from technical conferences, to special high performance obstacle course events, to the ROBO-ONE in the Space event currently targeted for October, 2010.

Many of the initiatives are linked, in one way or another. For example, to make the ROBO-ONE in the Space event a reality, quite a bit of research and development has to take place. So, some of the ROBO-ONE on PC events have included challenge themes that help move that R&D along.

In a related fashion, some of the ROBO-ONE builders have been actively competing in an 'Attitude' event. During the event they get three chances to toss their robots into the air, have it land without damage, and walk around - all without losing it's orientation. The second competition was held last weekend, in conjunction with the 2nd ROBO-ONE Soccer event. We were able to capture the action at true 300 fps, which some readers may find a bit slow and boring. Hopefully the builders will get some benefit from seeing how their robots actually faired.


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