MECHWARS – For Real!


Back in the 1980's we had the opportunity to host quite a few Japanese visiting Southern California on business. We happened to notice that a few of the men seemed totally fascinated by the XXX-rated movie theaters, which would be considered totally tame by today's standards. When we asked them how the movies differed, they answered very frankly that in Japan the actors were only pretending, but in the US, it was real.

Fast forward 25 years... The Japanese are world leaders, and undisputed trend setters in manga, anime, advanced gaming, cosplay, and humanoid robots. And, once again, they are 'only pretending'. But, the Americans are taking them totally seriously, and intend to get down and dirty at "fight-to-the-death" robot Mech Warfare.

Billed as "Mech Wars - Bringing Mech Combat to Reality" intends to stage real Mech competitions, starting at RoboGames 2009 next summer, complete with realistic weapons and eventually even micro-rockets. Check out some of their initial prototype Mechs. We're not sure that we want to put our robot in the arena to be destroyed, but you can be sure we'll be there to watch, and cheer on our favorites.


3 thoughts on “MECHWARS – For Real!

  1. Interesting. I think that using Airsoft weapons is a good idea, but I don’t want to put my robot in the arena with flame throwers and CO2 powered projectiles.

  2. Francis – there are going to be two “classes”. One is airsoft-type weapons only, and the other is more “hardcore”. I don’t plan on running MicroRaptor in hardcore class either…

  3. Yup, the Airsoft weapon class will be pretty safe all around. Even with the Hardcore class, while you can expect to take some battle damage, the ultimate point is not to destroy the Mechs.

    We’re developing a standardized target plate and scoring system that will wirelessly relay hits taken to a scoreboard PC, and that is how matches will be scored and won. The units will be provided at cost to all participants.

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