Kyosho MANOI Press Conference


Kyosho, famous with robot fans world-wide for the high performance and highly stylized MANOI AT01 and PF01 humanoid robots, announced availability of two new robot products, and gave the press a close-up look at the latest, and first feminine, member of their robot line-up.


The first, and most interesting (for us) new product is the “MANOI Perfect Guide”, written by Mikio Azusa, one of our favorite robot technology writers. As one of the key members of the champion Bamboo Bridge robot soccer team, Azusa-san has a wealth of hands-on humanoid robot knowledge and experience


The new MANOI guide book includes 136 pages covering everything from the robots background, the basic kit and assembly, setup, gyro installation, motion creation, sensors, and events. The book is rich with detailed photos and diagrams that make even the most complex examples easier to understand. Released by Ohmsha, the publisher of numerous robot books and the popular Robocon magazine, the guide book will go on sale in Japan later this month at a list price of 2,200 yen.


The second, and also interesting, new product is MANOI series instructional DVD produced by Kyosho. The DVD covers all aspects of both the AT01 and PF01 and has special features including a guest appearance by Takahashi-san of Robo Garage, the original MANOI designer. The DVD is expected to go on sale August 2nd at 3,990 yen. Since the DVD is still in the final production stages, no information was available on the actual length of the included video footage.



4 thoughts on “Kyosho MANOI Press Conference

  1. Did you manage to take any video of the new Manoi?

  2. Alex,

    It’s a new set of body shells for the AT01, not a completely new robot. They plan to sell the shells as an option as well as a complete set with the robot.

  3. Mike,

    Yes, the initial plan is to release the Japanese version. If there is enough serious interest, then there could be an English version.

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