Crabfu Named "Geppetto Emeritus" by the French


In a totally unexpected, but definitely well deserved fashion, the popular French "Le Post" website honored I-Wei of Crabfu and Swashbot fame with the title of "Geppetto Emeritus". Their glowing review included comments (translated from the original French) like:

"... the goldsmith in question is perhaps not Anakin Skywalker's future, but surely one of the new master craftsmen of the emerging robotics industry." 


"... its machines, however remote seem motivated by a genuine personality and a soul altogether." 

Many thanks to David for pointing us in this direction.


3 thoughts on “Crabfu Named "Geppetto Emeritus" by the French

  1. LOL, wow…. what an honor, not sure how I can ever live up to that!!! Here is another page, with translation goodness:

    link to

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