Waiting for Ironman…


During our trip, we were really excited about all the hype and enthusiasm centered around the new Hulk and Ironman movies. But, we just found out that the Hulk flick won't hit the screens here until August, and Ironman doesn't show up until the very end of September!

The good news? Well, thanks to the Lotteria fast food chain, we're going to get green avocado flavored fries to enjoy with the Hulk, and red hot spicy chili fries for Ironman.


2 thoughts on “Waiting for Ironman…

  1. Yikes,

    How does the Hulk show up before Iron Man. Both movies are incredible! Have seen both movies about four times each all ready. Now I am up late at night actually working on an exosuit.

    The wait will be worth it.


  2. Lem,
    I haven’t seen Hulk, but I was (very) pleasantly surprised by Ironman. Great geek/robot lover flick. There’s a nice scene where Stark is messing with an old HP oscilloscope with some new-fangled sound effects added.

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