One thought on “RoboGames 2008: Day Minus Two

  1. OK the rounds ares over for the day: lt. wt. div. robophilo vs.nova prime, w for robophilo.mecca kong vs.boomer, w for mecca kong. issac vs. kugai, w for issac.RN-! vs isobot w for RN-! 2cd round, robophilo vs. mecca kong, w for robophilo. issac vs. RN-! w for RN-! nova prime vs. boomer w for boomer, kugai vs. isobot w for isobot. mid. wt. div. Zog vs. michael w for michael, sakra vs. herapion w for sakra, oro vs. kwang w for oro, acyut vs. aria w for aria. 2cd round, michael vs sakra w for sakra, oro vs. aria w for oro, kwang vs. acyut w for kwang, Zog vs. herapion w for herapion. Tommorows matches start at the bottom of the class and work up. double elimination rule in effect, the spelling is where I found it. have had a ball so far.john

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