RoboGames 2008: The Best Action is Outside The Ring (Video)

At events like RoboGames, the best action is often where you least expect it. RoboGames 2008 was no exception. There were lots of practice and 'pick-up' games that took place way from the main rings. When that happens, the players don't feel all the competitive pressure and stress, so they quickly get down to what's really important - having fun with robots.

A great example was the impromptu competition in the pit area between a Japanese robot dog (the HPI G-Dog piloted by Jin Sato) and what can be best described as a giant robot bug (the Swashbot piloted by I-Wei from Crabfu).

The G-Dog was developed by HPI Japan using a lot of the same components as its humanoid sibling, the HPI G-Robot (The Futaba RBT-1 in the US). Since it has fewer servos and DOF, the G-Dog would probably sell for around USD$500 (totally our guesstimate) if and when HPI decides to make it available.

The Swashbot, developed by I-Wei, isn't a commercial product yet - though personally we think it should be. The robot world would instantly find homes for any of I-Wei's wonderful creations.

Here's what happened when these two great robot builders wound up with a little too much free time on their hands:


One thought on “RoboGames 2008: The Best Action is Outside The Ring (Video)

  1. Nice video, having fun is like breathing air, it’s vital and those two robot designers do it very well.

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