Pleo appeals to U.S. Supreme Court Justice


We don't know for sure if Matt Bauer, creator of Rooks Pawn, was ever a Boy Scout or not. But, we do know that he's a wiz at practicing their 'Be Prepared' motto. For example, when an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States happened to come up on his radar screen, Matt immediate jumped at the chance to promote robotics.

Matt writes:

"Clarence Thomas and his son stopped by our shop today for his motor coach generator’s annual maintenance. Never would I miss a chance to talk about the importance of robotics to such an influential man. I don’t know how much bearing this encounter will ultimately have, but I’d like to think he walked away with at least a little food for thought… I know I have. Note: This was the first he and his son have seen a Pleo or heard of humanoid robotics."


2 thoughts on “Pleo appeals to U.S. Supreme Court Justice

  1. “This was the first he and his son have… heard of humanoid robotics”

    I find that a little bit depressing :-(

  2. “I find that a little bit depressing :-(”
    I should clarify that comment was in regards to our smaller hobby humanoids. I don’t think he recalled Asimo specifally, but he seemed to be aware of some of the larger “corporate funded” humanoids. They know about them now 😀

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