New Robot Blog Down-Under

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Luke Johnson in Australia won't be able to make it in person to RoboGames - at least not this year. But he will be there in spirit. Check out Luke's "therobotsrobots" blog online, or just admire his robot sketches, like this one, on Flickr.


One thought on “New Robot Blog Down-Under

  1. Good to see some more robot related stuff in Australia, Luke, I’ll be adding your site to my daily feeds. :)

    Which reminds me of another site.. hehe.

    If any Australia based roboteers feel like catching up and discussing the state of the art with other people on that side of the planet, don’t hesitate to also check out has news, forums, projects, blogs for all members and the advantage that the person you are talking to possibly may live in the same state as you!

    Join today and help us get something as awesome as Robo-One going in Australia! :)

    ash –

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