1st RT Battle Cup: Bigger isn't always better (Video)

Watching the humanoid battles at RoboGames 2008 yesterday we noticed how impressive the larger, higher torque designs are for the crowd. The Robit team from Korea, with their 4+ kg bots, along with Zog and Oro from Farrell Robotics, put on a great, and very realistic show.

With that in mind, we wanted to remind everyone that it isn't just power. Speed, technique, and especially strategy, play a huge part in determining who wins. Take, for example, the RT Corp exhibition match (April, 2008), between Seega and Shiranuhi.

Although Shiranuhi is a well known ROBO-ONE champion, created and piloted by Dr. GIY, and totally out-powered/out-weighed the smaller Seega, the results showed how technique, strategy, and the will to win can succeed in the end.


4 thoughts on “1st RT Battle Cup: Bigger isn't always better (Video)

  1. I didn’t like the little robot’s fighting style, it was unrealistic, whereas the larger robot had less shuffling and squatting, nice match though, still amazing

  2. I totally agree with Chaffel. Even though the small size robot won, it is more impressive Shiranuhi’s fight style. Roboticists that try to keep their robot’s COM as high as possible do not take the “easy way”. Flexed knees should be regulated in the next tournaments.

  3. Hi Lem.
    In RoboGames 2008: Day Two have a comment, that robophilo get silver madal is the prove that the results showed how technique, strategy.


  4. The technical abilities of both are amazing, far beyond most hobbyists, the knees are a bit “cheap” but the small robot’s mobility and as a result incredible strategy (ability to position itself where it wants) is ultimately what won the match

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