Super R-Blue Humanoid Robot Takes Its First Baby Steps (Video)

In ROBO-ONE circles, the name "R-Blue" is legend. It's one of those names that's instantly recognizable as one of the absolute best - a true ROBO-ONE champion class humanoid robot.

We mentioned a few days ago that in line with the current trend towards mega-robot designs, R-Blue is about to become "Super R-Blue" - a huge monster robot with matched dual servos powering all the important joints.

Now, Super R-Blue has taken his first baby steps, as you can see in the video below. Not bad for a new-born robot.  Nope, not bad at all.


One thought on “Super R-Blue Humanoid Robot Takes Its First Baby Steps (Video)

  1. If I counted correct, that’s a total of 41 servos. That’s some serious power. All so the hands that he made for his robots are super cool. Key questions is what’s he controlling it with?

    As always, this website is gods gift to all robot builders.


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