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When the topic of 'robots' comes up, everyone immediately associates the term first with Japan. After that, perhaps other leading technology countries like the US and Germany. Yet, robotics is a world-wide phenomena that has captured the attention, minds, hearts, and passion of people all over the globe.

One of our regular readers, Raul Galbany from Spain, wrote in to share an excellent report, and several videos, on the First National Robotics Competition staged at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Terrassa.

Thanks to the third video, we also learned that the one absolutely essential ingredient necessary for any successful robot competition, no matter what country, is pizza! 

Raul reports:

The First National Robotics Competition of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Terrassa (city near Barcelona) was celebrated at the beginning of this month.

The competition was organised by the association JET (Joves Enginyers Terrassa): Nearly a hundred of robots from Spain, Turkey and Andorra participated in the categories of Sumo, MiniSumo, Sniffers, Sprinters and Freestyle.

In the category of Sumo, 2 robots fight in a ring (playing area) and the winner is the robot that throws the opponent outside the ring. The maximum size of the robot is 20x20cm and its weight can be up to 3kg. The rules of the MiniSumo are the same, but the robots are smaller: 10x10cm and 500g.

The competition Sniffers consists in follow a white line on a black ground as fast as possible. The circuit to follow has only one starting line and one finishing line, but has bifurcations in the middle with marks that points the shortest way. The point of the Sniffers is the reach the end of the circuit without getting lost in the bifurcations. The winner is the robot that finishes the circuit wit less time.

The Sprinters robots have to follow a line in the shortest time, like the sniffers. The difference is that the circuit has a smooth shape, with open curves, like an athletics track, allowing the robots to reach higher speeds. The robots compete in pairs in the same circuit and each robot start in on side of the circuit. The winner is the robot that grabs the opponent.

In the Freestyle competition, the participants show their robots to the public and a jury has to decide the winners.

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One thought on “Spain Robotics Competition Report (Video)

  1. Nice competition, i love all categories:
    -Category of Sumo: strong robots,not very fazt but good;
    -The competition Sniffers and the Sprinters robots very fast, and good followment.

    Good work, it is penalty not to have more projects of this type in Portugal

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