More on Mega-Dynamizer Doing Yard Work (Video)

We got the impression from some of the email we received that a few of our readers thought that we were putting them on about Mega Dynamizer mowing the lawn, or that the photo in our earlier post was staged.

To put all that doubt to rest, and to motivate and inspire you robot builders, we've included a short video clip (see below) that was kindly provided by Sugiura-san, the creator of Mega-Dynamizer.

We should also mention that Sugiura and his collection of ROBO-ONE champion robots, are off to Korea for the Korean Robot Game Festival. Not only is he going to battle against the top Korean robot humanoids, he'll also face some stiff (hopefully) competition from Chris and Rob Farrell with their twin Robotis based bipeds. We really wish we could be there to see the action.




4 thoughts on “More on Mega-Dynamizer Doing Yard Work (Video)

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  3. cool site-the videos make the difference- theres a lot of links in my opinion

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