Korean Robot Event Goes Global


Rob Farrell reports from the Korean Robot Games Festival:

"Great time had by all! Wish you were here. We met some many great people and saw and competed with some amazing robots. We will post some videos soon but we wanted to get this one picture off to you right away."

In the photo from Rob above, left to right: Team Robotica from Spain (Oriel, Toni Casas and their robot Chiquilicuatre); Farrell Robotics from the US (Chris and Rob with Oro and Zog): and the Sugiura's from Japan with Mega-Dynamizer. All of their robots are based on Robotis servos and components.


2 thoughts on “Korean Robot Event Goes Global

  1. Indeed, an excellent time! – we got to see Robit up close, and know how to prep for RoboGames now :)

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