Dr. GIY Works His Magic on the MANOI PF01 Robot (Video)


The Kyosho MANOI PF01 humanoid robot is pretty impressive - one of the top hobby robot kits available today. So, when a champion ROBO-ONE builder, like Dr. GIY, decides to take a stock PF01 and do some custom improvements and fine tuning, you can be sure that the result is going to be pure magic.

Thanks to "LovingRobotRabbit" (aka the folks at RT Corp), we're able to share a great video of Dr. GIY's modified PF01 below, including smooth, fast walking, master-slave arm control, walking on carpet, and even music-video class dancing.

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  1. Zerorobot

    Wow… that was amazing. It makes me want to get a PF-01… too bad there 1800+ a kit. How much better is the PF-01 to the AT-01?

  2. Nice robot, very fast,synchronized, beautiful.
    I want know 1/2 the knowledge of Dr.GIY.
    Nice video

    Thanks for good site that you have here

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