Disney Trots Wall-E Robot Out for a Sneak Peek (Video)


Thanks to a very timely heads-up from our good friend and fellow robot fanatic David Buckley, we were vectored to a 'sneak peek' video (see  below) featuring the Wall-E robot that Disney has scheduled to go on sale later this summer following the commercial movie release.

Although the video is extremely dark and the volume is pretty low, you can still tell a lot about the robot and its unique remote control. At the projected USD$189 price point we're sure that a lot of robot and Disney/Pixar fans are going to find Wall-E scooting around the base of their Christmas this coming December.


The remote control is a little larger than we expected, and seems to require two hands to operate. On the other hand (pun intended), the touch pad is a very interesting, and hopefully useful, feature.


One thought on “Disney Trots Wall-E Robot Out for a Sneak Peek (Video)

  1. After a full charge of the main battery (as directed in manual) Wall-E did not do anything but opening his eyes, saying Wall-E. The remote control(with brand new batteries) was unable to direct him to move in any directions. It seems the main battery is old or not able to charge well. This is a brand new unit and just came out of his box for the first time.

    Any Idea what the problem is or how I can fix it? I appriciate any feedback.

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